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Thread: the big list of stupid things people say

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    Angry the big list of stupid things people say


    so we all get that unwanted attention about our lengths.. it ca get very tedious.. I like to have a bank of whitty (non agressive) come backs for these situations,,, if i could ever think of any,,,

    whats the dumbest/funnyist/most interesting thing somone has said to you or asked about your hair?

    and what did you respond with? if anything.

    here are the obvious ones.

    wow, your hair is so long! o gosh, so it is. id never noticed that before.

    how long does it take to wash/dry/grow/braid/blah blah blah? ump in a phone booth, spin around and its done like superman.

    WHY is your hair so long? becuase i didn't cut it
    HOW is your hair so long? becuse it GREW like that.

    has your hair ALWAYS been this long? yeah, the midwife wasnt sure what was the ambilcal cord and what was hair.

    are your pubes that long? NO. i sell them to make murkins.

    One time I had my hair (passed but length) dyed metalic purple.. I was 16 years old and on holliday in spain. 2 old women came running up to me, grabbed my hair and stared showing her freind. ranting in spaish. as it if wasnt even attached to my head. I was trying to get on a bus at a time and they yanked me back. my mum was shocked.

    whats your stories....

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    Default Re: the big list of stupid things people say

    You may find this thread helpful......
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