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Thread: Urge to CUT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HintOfMint View Post
    I must respectfully disagree with this statement. Plenty of people, myself included have grown out heatstyled short hair. Just grow it out to a length where you can put it up or start doing heat-free styles and start trimming from there. Shorter heatstyled hair shows less damage, so even if you grow it out to an acceptable length, the heatstyling in the interim shouldn't be too bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by BeckyAH View Post
    I agree with you. Heat styling *long* hair can be problematic for some people, because long hair is old hair, and more fragile. Also heat styling regularly for the years it takes to *get* long - also problematic.

    Heat styling for, oh, a year on relatively young (short) hair, using caution and until it's long enough to put back? Unlikely to be an issue for most hair types, I'd think.

    But I'm also the woman who bleached, heat-styled daily, dyed, bleached some more - before growing out, and still bleaches, dyes, and heatstyles on a regular basic. Now, I grant you my goal length is waist, maybe hip, but I've yet to see anything that makes me think my hair will fall apart. Need a trim, maybe, but not break off at my ears.

    (In summation: Antique lace? Not my hair, anyway. Not by a long shot, at least not when it's relatively short. Hell, relatively short my hair is freaking kevlar.
    Quote Originally Posted by UltraBella View Post
    I am one of the people who can torture my hair endlessly and grow it long without visible damage. I didn't stop doing all that "bad" stuff while growing either. When my hair was at TBL it had been colored, highlighted, colored some more, heat styled...... And it looked beautiful. Not everyone ends up with fragile hair in bad shape. Some of us do just fine.
    Well, OP, you may choose to follow the advice of people with coarse hair of iii thickness, or you may choose to listen to people whose hair is closer to yours in thickness and texture. If you really have F/M hair, it might not withstand ironing and heat styling. I am speaking from my own experience and telling you what worked or didn't work for me.

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    I get the urge to cut several times a year. To stay the urge until I am positive that I really want to do it, I find a new hairdo to play with. If that works, no cut for me. If not I deceide it is something I really do want not just bordom I go ahead and get the new cut. Might give this a try to see if it surpresses the cut urge?

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