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I used to use red temporary color that washes out in about 6 washes. Now I like to use fantasy colors; I really like the Punky brand.
I'll have to check it out, because I think it would be loads of fun to do a bunch of colors on the ends for summer without having to bleach it first!

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The red looks gorgeous on you. It really make your eyes pop
Aww...you're too kind! Thank you!

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I went red for a couple of years. I liked the look, but never could stand dealing with differently colored roots!
Oh yes! I know what that's like. I had dark blonde roots with red hair...boy was that something.

My eyebrows too made it look kind of awkward. But, I think you look great with red hair.

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I didn't use actual dye but henna to get a nice red shade because I wanted red so badly...I definitely know what you mean! The red looked great on you by the way.
Thank you so much! I am not very familiar with henna, though I suppose I should check it out since it seems like an alternative for red dye!

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So pretty, the red hair looked awesome on you! I'm a natural blonde myself, and I'm currently growing out my henndigo and replacing it with henna. Dark brown hair and orange-red roots, looks pretty neat in braids
And where are my manners? Thank you!!!!