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Good ideas. I am going to check into non-damaging ways to fade hair color. Since my family thinks it looks fine, although I dont know how, I might just wait it out a little. Or at least try because I'm ok until I look in the mirror and then all that positive stuff Im telling myself goes out the window Once I get my natural color back, I plan on using cassia to lighten it just a little. So I too wont be going back to the salon for a color
I know EXACTLY how you feel, trust me, I have had the same experience, on multiple occasions when the dye wasn't dark enough, no wonder I don't go to that stylist anymore....I say tonight do a deep oiling with olive oil if you think it won't be too heavy or have nowhere to go tommorow in case it is. Try this: Clarify with your strongest shampoo, don't condition, slather in olive oil and leave on overnight, rinse out int he morning with CO or maybe wash again if you want. See if that doesn't help. I say do this tonight because the longer you wait the more time the color has to set and the harder it is to lighten, if you fade it yourself, you can control the fade and not wait until it is so washed out you hate it come a month or so from now. I say nip it in the bud now and fade it to the desired shade. The Cassia I would say to wait a bit on, it only deposits a very faint and short-lasting layer of off yellow-brown color, not sure that's what you want. Camomile tea is supposed to be good for brightening blonde hair, as is honey maybe mixed into a DT (not a full honey lightening, just enough to brighten to the right hue). Good luck and get to work fast, it will be better in NO time at all!