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Thread: CO and VO5 Kiwi Lime Squeeze

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    Default Re: CO and VO5 Kiwi Lime Squeeze

    Quote Originally Posted by Thenolegirl View Post
    Thanks everyone for the comments!

    Talula I did look at your thread =) I'm in college, and let's just say college apartments have gross hard water. I have to use Borax when washing clothes because they never seem to get clean.

    Even as my hair is drying, I can feel the wax, yet I don't really have build up on the scalp (which used to be the concern with crunchy dry ends). Hair is temperamental lol It's a shame because like you, I have so much conditioner left. At least it's just one bottle. I'm going to give KLS one more try. I just don't want to spend $4-5 on a bottle when it won't clean my hair. I might try the CWC again (no luck the last time I did).

    Any recommendations for CO brands?
    Yeah, I wondered if it might be my water, since the Kiwi works for so many people.

    You can use up the CO conditioners you don't like by just using them as an after-shampoo conditioner, or with CWC washes, COW washes, to help rinse out henna if u do that, or just condition from the ears down with it, and then use a better CO conditioner to cleanse the scalp. Or as mentioned, for shaving. Or give them away to friends/family who aren't picky.

    The Organix, yes, is $4-6 unless on sale (check CVS for regular sales), but I dilute mine. The Organix Coconut cleans my hair almost TOO well, like a shampoo. The way other people say the Kiwi does for them.

    But to go cheaper... several of the Suave Naturals have worked for me, including the Tropical coconut & the Aloe & Waterlily. And several of the White Rains (I have an old supply from before they added 'cones, but I also tried the W.R. Coconut with cones and it worked for me too). I LOVED the White Rain Water Blossom, but haven't been able to find it since I used up my first bottle. I think I tried Ocean Mist? of White Rain, and Lavender Vanilla. All White Rains I've tried have worked for me, they're my favorite. I tend to get richer-looking hair with those. But who knows if they'll be a good match for you? At least they're cheap! The Suave is pretty cheap too, especially on sale, which I see frequently.

    Post back when/if u find one that works for you! Lots of luck.

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    Default Re: CO and VO5 Kiwi Lime Squeeze

    Are you applying the CO to dry hair ? I think that is a key step to getting good results.

    LOTs of a thin, cone free brand really slopped all over your scalp and length. For my length I use about a 1/3 of a bottle per wash. I saturate the scalp first massage in in good, then squeeze through the length. If I haven't worn my hair down all week then the length doesn't need as much applied. Then I put it up in a shower cap and wait a min of 20 min sometimes an hour.
    Massage well again and rinse, massage, rinse massage.

    Because I am wurly/wavy I feel the need to follow this with a heavier conditioner left on the length for a few minutes rinse and then squeeze a dime/quarter sized amount through the wet hair and leave it in. Results are soft hair and more defined waves.

    I can usually go a full 7 days between washes this way with no greasiness - but when the scalp acts up I shorten that to 4-5 days.

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