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Thread: Elymwold on Etsy

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    Thank you for sharing. I would like to purchase a couple one day. They're some of the most beautiful and high-quality sticks I've seen.

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    My order came today!!! I'm so excited!! I've been active on LHC for, what, two years now? And I've always heard whispers of the elusive Elymwold Gothic when Nigel made a comeback this May, I began obsessively stalking the shop, and after two months, lo and behold! Here are the fruits of my labor!

    From left to right:
    6" Gothic Fork, New Guinea rosewood with Australian rosewood/chrysochola inlay
    160 mm Hair Stick, Rosewood and acrylic resin
    5 3/4" Wavetop Fork, Tasmanian blackwood and dyed huon pine burl

    Haven't gotten decent action pics for all of them yet, but here's one of the Gothic (high-res version available in my profile album):

    The gothic fork is REALLY wide, like 3 inches wide, and truth be told...I had a little trouble getting it to stick in my hair. So far the only bun that's worked is a loose braided cinnabun. I've tried the Pha bun and Figure-Eight, but my hair keeps sliding off the top in the Pha bun and the fork is too wide to fit in my normal cinnabun. Does anyone with some experience with the Gothic have any advice for good buns to try?

    Despite its gargantuan size, the gothic fork is actually really really light! (It's lighter than my plastic Threnody fork from GTS)

    I had no idea that there would be another small star-shaped inlay on the back of the fork. The detail on Nigel's work is really incredible. However there's still some color difference in real life, compared to the product photos, especially on the rosewood which is quite chatoyant. The gothic fork is a bit more muted in real life than in the photos, but somehow the green resin topper on the stick is much more vibrant.

    The wavetop fork works a treat, and I love how eye-catching the rainbow topper is. It's also much lighter than I expected given the sturdy thickness. These forks are statements pieces for sure.

    The rosewood stick also works really well, the thinner point seems to be able to catch more scalp hairs than, say, a blunter TT stick. Now that my order has safely arrived after three weeks of shipping, I may be back to hunting for more lovely sticks from the shop...
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    Your collection is beautiful, Lonian! And I appreciate the thorough reviews on each differences
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