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Thread: Short hair, very thick and wavy, advice please!

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    Default Short hair, very thick and wavy, advice please!

    I had posted here a few years back while trying to grow my hair long. I would say I was BSL. After many frustrating hair cuts, hairstyles, lengths, products, and hair appliances I'm back for advice. I tried not using the usual store products for a long time, but never did like the way my hair looked. So here I am with a chin length bob with some layering. I battle my wave just to style it. I try going with my natural wave, but it just ends up looking tweaked out, unkempt and like I just rolled out of bed. My bangs and hair around my face is so thick and heavy that it's just fallen in my face when I've tried to grow it longer (so lots of face framing by HDs). I would like to get to a shoulder length bob with long layers. My hair definitely needs some layering. I've tried one length and it just didn't work for my hair. Also I'm middle aged and I swear my hair just keeps getting coarser and crazier every year.
    Does anyone here feel like they need their hair appliances and why?

    Has anyone with super heavy wavy bangs grow them out and have success keeping them out of your face? Did you always need to pin them back?

    Does anyone with coarse, wavy hair have any pearls of wisdom for me (especially if it frustrates you to no end)?

    Forgot to add, my last haircut included a HUGE amount of texturizing. I noticed that no amount of product or styling could rid me of the scraggly ends created by this. I just trimmed my ends myself about 1/4" and now my hair looks drastically smoother and shinier. I'm glad I had those good quality shears! But from now on absolutely no texturizing, razoring, or any such nonsense. My ends looked like she used a weed whacker.
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    Default Re: Short hair, very thick and wavy, advice please!

    Hello, I have coarse wavy short hair, but less wavy than yours (I have only slight waves). What works for me to tame the waves and frizz without heat is putting a little aloe vera gel in my hair when it is wet, and then combing the hair repeatedly while it is drying (especially when it is slightly damp, almost dry but not quite dry).
    On the other hand, if you want to go curly, rather than straight, try bee butt bun curls. You can read my post about them here.

    I find that cassia treatments make my coarse hair much, much softer. My hair just loves them. Back when I did henna, I found that it also improved the condition of my hair by a lot. I no longer henna because I don't want the color. I use cassia instead.

    My hair falls in my face a ton at this length! It's very annoying. I am past chin but not yet at shoulder. I always pin back my face framing pieces, or tie them back at a half-up. I have now finally reached the stage where I can make a pony tail with all my hair in it. Little jaw clips, snap clips, and duck bill clips are great for holding back your hair away from your face. When your hair gets longer, the weight of it will keep it from falling in your face. For now, enjoy being able to wear a lot of cute, colorful clips to keep the hair back.

    I've never had success with a haircut with bangs. Having wavy hair just makes my bangs impossible to style without heat, and even heat styling won't hold for very long.
    When I had chin length hair, my hairstylist cut some slight layers into my hair using a razor. I just loved how this looked, and thinning out the ends of my very thick coarse hair made the layers look much better. You may want to look up Ultrabella. She has coarse wavy hair and lots of beautiful layers cut in with a razor. Just make sure that your hairstylist uses a sharp razor to avoid having split ends.

    I hope my ramblings were helpful to you!
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    Default Re: Short hair, very thick and wavy, advice please!

    Me! I have coarse wavy hair. If you want to tame your hair and have it smooth and silky try using products with silicone. I used to fear and avoid cones because the wavy and wurly people here in LHC used to preach about how it suffocates hair, but hair is already dead to begin with.

    I agree with the curlies and wurlies about how cones can suffocate curls. You loose the frizz with cones but the price you pay is that you will have straighter hair (my hair during non- humid days turns into a 1c texture). I don't know if the silicone is getting my hair straighter or if gravity is the main culprit, or probably both. I know the products I use might not work for you but here is my current list:

    Biosilk serum (i'm addicted to this)
    Tresseme breakage and softening shampoos/conditioners
    Mane N' Tail Original Shampoo/Conditioner for horses.

    Natural products I still use:
    -coconut oil
    -Apple Cider Vinegar (once a month, and after I have used conditioner, I don't rinse because I feel like it will take away the benefits, and the smell goes away for me.)

    Current tools for at home or on the go:
    Body Shop wooden wide tooth comb
    Tangle Teezer
    Metal triangular clips or barrets
    goody silicone molded hair ties
    Hair Claw (butterfly clip, for at home so that I don't have to wear a bun)

    Final Tips:
    -Try doing a final rinse with cold water (as much coldness that you can stand)
    -Avoid blow drying and air dry instead
    -Do not touch the hair while it is drying to avoid frizzies (now I usually bind my hair or tie it into a bun when I do not have time)

    My daily rituals have become even more complicated and complex thanks to LHC! hahahahaha
    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Short hair, very thick and wavy, advice please!

    Okay, I must say that I did dye my hair a few days ago. I don't mind some grays, but as I age my hair color just looks dreary and faded even ( that was even when i was doing no poo, natural drying, etc ). So again I have taken the advice of stopping the heat. With dyed hair I think I need to be super kind to my hair.

    I let it dry naturally, then I drug out the curlers from the depths of the basement. I did a slit spritz of water and left rolled for at least an hour. It came out shiny and lovely! the results were much better than heat styling. With my strong wave my ends were always tweaking no matter what I did, but my rollers have what are almost like tiny short combs that straighten the ends. They also held like Velcro.

    I also bought the mane & tail and my hair really likes that. I haven't tried any other suggestions yet, but it's a process!

    Now, on to shoulder length!!!

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