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Thread: Important message about the posting of hair-cutting videos/pix

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    Default Important message about the posting of hair-cutting videos/pix

    Originally posted by LisaJaney

    We have had numerous reports (reported-posts) about the rash of haircutting-videos that have been posted here at LHC. While we understand that the general reason these are posted is to "share the horror and we all band together to say how disappointing it is when long hair is shorn", the reality of it is that the vast majority of such videos exist for the sole purpose of gratification (yes, THAT sort of gratification, Grandma) and when WE link to them, the people who post them then can follow-back to our site. I can guarantee you that you don't want the video-owner to follow you back here, and neither do we.

    There is a dark underbelly to such videos, and it's the exact sort of folks we don't want hanging around here, stealing our pictures and preying on our members.

    For this reason, we have had to update the guidelines. Please note that we are no longer allowing the linking of haircutting videos here unless the videos/pictures meet two specific criteria:

    1) The video or picture is for the express purpose of demonstrating a styling technique or achieving a certain hairstyle,
    2) The video is not voyeuristic in nature, does not glorify the cutting of hair and also does not make the "customer" (the one getting the haircut) appear in any way to be a victim.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. We are all working to keep this enormous site as safe as it can possibly be, and appreciate your help toward this goal. As always, feel free to contact the moderation-staff with any of your concerns, or to use the "report post" feature, found at the lower-left-hand corner of every post on the board; it's the circle with the R in it.
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