I'd love to say there's more variety, but in reality, I pretty much alternate between a cinnabun and a lazy wrap bun. I also do regularly wear either single or double English braids--I don't know if those count as updos. I also like the Gibralter bun and figure 8, but I never think to do one of those when I'm in a hurry. I can French/dutch braid well, but that's another option I just never think of when it comes time to do my hair. My plan is to actually print a list of all the updos I know, and then post it right next to my "hair station" to remind me that I have a lot of options and to try something different when doing my hair.

I really wanted the log roll to be an option, but I could never get it looking the way I want--I concluded my hair wasn't long enough for the look I was going for. I also plan to try the rose bun.