Like celebriangel says, for me it's a juggling act. They're both considerations -- I wouldn't want very long hair that was visibly seriously damaged root-to-tip, but I am growing even though I know I will have more splits at tailbone than I would if I had a pixie. How important they are relative to each other tends to ebb and flow in my mind -- dependent on what I'm doing, how I'm wearing my hair, season, fashion, length, all kinds of things.

Right now I would have to say that length is winning over health for me. I have about five inches of splitty, white-dotty ends. I'm not willing to sacrifice 5 inches -- I'm just not, end of story. That would put me pretty much back where I was two years ago when I joined LHC, and that's not okay. So I care about length quite a lot right now! In several months, when I can cut back a few inches and still feel like I've made SOME progress, I may care more about health