Unregistered (aka the whole Internet - Public):
Can view the public forums, everything but Community Meets and Off-Topic areas
Can search the public forums
Can view the Articles section

Can not see Profiles, Blogs or Photo Albums
Can not see iTrader Ratings

Newbies (0-25 posts - Level 1):
Can view, post and create new threads on the public and off-topic forums - except starting new polls
Can have an avatar/profile photo, if it was submitted during signing up - changes can be made once you're in the 25+ user group, since they require profile access

Can not view profiles or leave profile visitor messages
Can not view or edit their own profile - the software does not differ between the access to your own or other profiles
Can not see Blogs or Photo Albums, since those are attached to the profiles
Can not read, edit or delete profile visitor messages left on their profiles by other users
Can not make or accept "Friends"-requests - there's no point in using the Friends-feature until a user can access the profile, blog or album areas
Can not view the Community Meets area and Social Groups
Can not submit articles or product reviews
Can not have a signature
Can not set self to invisible
Can not use Private Messaging
Can not edit their own posts

25+ posters - Level 2:
Can view profiles, read and leave profile visitor messages
Can edit their own profile (layout/colors/font) and edit/delete visitor messages
Can create an own Blog and Photo Album - Photo Storage: 100 pictures
Can view and comment on other LHC Blogs and Photo Albums, if they are not private - then you need to be on someone's friendlist to view them
Can make and receive Friends-requests
Can view, join and post in Social Groups - all except creating new Social Groups
Can create new polls
Can have a signature - Sig Limit: 3 lines
Can set self to invisible
Can use Private Messaging - PM Storage: 50 messages
Can edit their own posts - please note that editing posts for other purposes than fixing typos or adding something is not permitted
Can not view the Community Meets area
Can not submit articles and product reviews

100+ posts and 60+ days - Level 3:
Can view and post in the Community Meets forums
Photo Storage: 100 pictures
Can submit articles

1000+ posts and 365+ days - Level 4:
Can have Animated Avatars (gif)
PM Storage: 100 messages
Photo Storage: 200 pictures
Can Add/Edit/Delete articles
Can Create Social Groups
Can set a Custom User Title
Can use HTML in Blogs