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I have lurked the thread after posting the other day, and really taken what you guys have said into consideration. It makes sense! At least for my 2a hair. However: When I brush, I catch a LOT of dust/lint. Doesn't this accumulate in the hair if you don't brush?
Possibly. I don't see lint when I look over the length, but there could be bits here and there. It's rare that I find it as the cause of knots, so if I have a little, it doesn't cause me issues. I know it can become a real problem for others though. Personally, I did have a lot of lint at one point years ago and I think it's when I was regularly oiling my hair (probably way overdoing it, still figuring out what worked for me!). Now that I don't put anything on my hair, just a sulphate shampoo and cone-free conditioner when I wash the length, nothing seems to stick anymore. Might help that I have my hair up 99% of the time too.