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Thread: Help with Hairtyping Page?

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    Default Help with Hairtyping Page?

    So I am doing a hair typing and when i went to the visual guide i got a 403 error saying
    "403- Forbidden

    Access denied by access control list."

    and little blue boxes appear instead of pictures.
    Just to let you know (feel free to delete if you fix it)

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    Default Re: Help with Hairtyping Page?

    Do you mean the visual hairtyping guide on Fia's site? That one does not work since quite a while and since it's not connected to LHC we are not able to fix that unfortunately.
    We are working on a NEW visual hairtyping guide on LHC, to be able to do the maintenance on it ourselves, but it's not finished yet. (Link on how to submit typing pictures is in my sighature *hinthint*)

    If you are having problems with a link on LHC we'd need the exact url of the page you are trying to view. This one to the typing guide is working for me at the moment ( but it is the text-version and does not contain pictures, so I don't think you meant that one?

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