I have naturally very dark brown almost black hair with red undertones. Throughout the years it has gone some abuse with chemical dyes etc. For years I dyed it jet black with both chemical hair dye and henna. It's only now I realise it really washed me out even though my natural colour is quite dark my skin has yellow undertones and needs a warmer colour. I want to get my hair a glossy brown not too dark and not too light and maybe some low maintenance lighter brown highlights. Something like this

Right now my hair is two toned, although it's not noticeable in photos. Last summer I was desperately trying to get rid of the permanent black build up. I made the mistake of buying sun-in and spraying it all over in hope it would lighten my hair up. But it only lightened my natural roots. So then I had really light brown roots and the rest still jet black. I eventually came across a miracle product called ColourB4 which strips your hair of dye without bleach or any damage and brings it back to it's lightest natural shade. The good thing was it worked in getting rid of the black but the bad thing was it lightened my already lighter roots lol!! So I then dyed my hair with a red-brown dye in hope my hair would all be one colour but the top part is much lighter and redder than the rest of the length.

I'm sick of the weird two toned redish hair and want a change. My only concern is the damage getting it lightened to brown.I was wondering who here lightens their natural hair colour and do you find your hair suffers alot because of it? And those with sallow/olive skin what colours would you dye your hair if you wanted a change from your natural?