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Thread: The NEW Visual Hairtyping Guide - under construction

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    Default The NEW Visual Hairtyping Guide - under construction

    Seeking for help with The new Visual Hairtyping Guide, which is still missing some pictures of hairtypes!

    Everybody who likes can take part, all lengths and colors, blunt ends, U or V-shape or fairy tale. The picture does not need to be a recent one either.
    All are welcome to participate and the moderator-team will choose the most representative pictures to compile a new visual hairtyping article out of them.
    We are aiming to include pictures of a big range of different heads of hair to illustrate the appearance of hairtypes with various lengths/colors/etc..

    Picture requirements are:
    It must be you and a "proper" hair-typing picture, aka air dried and uncombed please.
    Please pay attention to picture dimensions to make photo-editing easier for the team. Pre-cropped to 600 h x 450 w pixels and resized to 90KB max.
    Fully dressed only, please and don't forget to clean up your room

    Please DO NOT enter mirror pictures, blurry ones, pictures with bad lighting (too dark/light/flash glare), low contrast, low resolution, etc.
    No watermarking please out of safety reasons. If the pictures get stolen and "shared", it would be unfortunate to guide extended "admirers" to your online persona.

    The entered pictures will be included into an article and uploaded anonymously without screenname to the staff-account photobucket album to make it visible for all newbies. Which also makes it visible to the entire Internet, please be aware that we can not guarantee for their safety (unfortunately).

    To participate and send us your picture, press the report-button of this post and include the following things into the message box:
    - a link to ONE picture you would like to contribute to the article
    - your full hair classifier, for example 1d/f/ii
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    Default Re: The NEW Visual Hairtyping Guide - under construction

    Since our articles are down, I'll be making this into a master thread. Expect it to be posted soon!

    It looks like we're still missing submissions from the 3C through 4C ranges.

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