I've used catnip soaks a lot in the past after washes as they make my hair wonderfully soft and silky and help prevent splits. I usually soak my hair in catnip for 20 minutes or so, then leave it to air dry without rinsing out the catnip.

I've now been able to get Apple Cider Vinegar rinses to work with my hair. In the past they left my hair lank and greasy, but now I've moved from a soft water area to a hard water area all of a sudden ACV rinses work wonderfully leaving me with shiny silky hair. I rinse my hair with diluted ACV then rinse it out.

I've debated alternating ACV and Catnip each wash, but I'd quite like to use both. If this possible, and in what order should I use them? Will it make any difference or will they undo the other's benefits?

I'd be very grateful of any advice or experiences.