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Thread: How to cut long layers

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    Quote Originally Posted by lapushka View Post
    I've had my hair cut like this lots of times (now growing the last layer out). The layers are a little choppy, chunky... wonky even, true, but it never bothered me. Those ponytail cuts are especially nice for real wurly, curly types, I guess. They get lousier the less wavy you are (and I'm only slightly wavy). I'm certain 1s are better off with a more accurate method.

    I guess hairtyping matters even for something like this.
    That's a very good point. Curly and wavy hair is much more forgiving when it comes to layers than straight hair is.
    I just don't like the way a ponytail on top of the head places the layers, they're more all around the head, rather than focused on the front like it would be if the ponytail was on the forehead. I don't really like the look of short layers on the back of a head, it's strange

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    Thanks morecowbell for the advice. I did cut it by brushing all my hair foward into a ponytail at my forehead. I just bent over and cut it. While the cut looked good after I took it out, I was wanting shorter layers, so I searched on YouTube and found some videos of girls cutting their layers different ways.

    One way that helped me was after the first ponytail cut, I took it out and separated half the top of my hair into another forehead ponytail (Lol) and then cut straight across. That gave me shorter layers they look great!

    I also used Feye's self trim method to trim the ends of my hair. Now my hair feels healthy again and when I comb/brush it I don't have all these hairs coming out. I guess the split ends were getting caught in my comb.
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    Olivia ... thanks for the tip on making a second ponytail and then cutting straight across to get shorter layers .. I'm going to try that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lapushka View Post
    (BTW, here's a tip that's not in the book. If you separate the hair above your ears, and only gather that into a ponytail, you won't get as much layering, you'll skip layering your underlayer! Another tip. Take a strand of hair, from the ponytail (right in the middle, top of the crown), pull it down, pinch it to where you want the shortest layer. Pull it back up (keep pinching it) and you'll need to snip there and not further down.)

    In the same book, they mention another method where the ponytail's positioned right at your hairline. This creates shorter layers in front.

    I'm growing out my layers at the moment. The first method, if you pull all the hair into the ponytail, takes forever to grow out. It creates layers from about/above shoulder all the way to BSL. If you have longer hair, you'll have longer layers.
    I've done basically what you outline here, and it works! My only complaint is that I guess I started the second pony too high up -- that creates quite a discrepancy between the length of the hem and the length of even the longest layers. On me, it looked like "taper" and I didn't like those thin ends. The pictures I'm looking at today, I notice you all have nice, thick ends still. I think what I'll do next time is part of an inch or two from the nape hair and separate that, but put the rest into a ponytail for layers (...and gradually work my way up my head? -- I want some shorter "layers", too, but might achieve what I'm after by playing with the U hem).

    Quote Originally Posted by morecowbell View Post
    DON'T put the ponytail on top of your head! : I made that mistake the first time I tried this technique and it made for some strangely placed layers.
    That's how I did my first such layer cut, many years ago on shorter hair. It was baaaaad.
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