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Love this thread, thank you @bparnell75 for resurfacing it!!

My top 1 favourite is the bottom one in this pic:

I like it better than the top one because of its head curve, and as someone with chronic tension headache, the difference in tension on the hair roots is huge! I got both from inspire4creative on Etsy. Great customer service too! They're Greek and messaged me in German for some reason, but once we figured out a common language they were super sweet

Also have a whole album on my hair toys. It's not updated with my most recent purchase yet, two bone hair sticks that are copies of ones found in an iron age grave here in Scandinavia. I love them and need to get around to taking pics of them, but in the meantime >>>

Can you please give me a link for the second one? I visited the shop but they had so many variations, I didn't know which exact one you got and I'm interested because you mentioned the comfort and headaches. I have that issue as well...