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Thread: My mum kept my super layers in somehow...

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    Default My mum kept my super layers in somehow...

    With a french!
    Smaller sections I guess? It's really tight, and I just wanted to show how happy I was with it and how talented my mother is with hair. (I'm very envious of how she does it, she tried teaching me, but I found it incredibly hard to do on someone else's head.)

    I'm also so happy because I haven't had a proper tighter french in years(Except me practicing, but that wasn't too professional. )!

    Why am I keeping you waiting? *Shows!* (The french braids, and the opening of them are shown.)

    My lovey luby helped take the webcam pictures.

    It was done on damp hair after washing. Felt really quite tight, a great trick for keeping layers in, I think!

    I love it, too bad I don't know how to do it as good as my mummy yet.

    But... I will some day. Mwahaha! Woot for good hair for these past 3 days thoughh, and hopefully tomorrow!

    PS, the only bad thing was the straighter ends, but overall, it looked very natural, woot!
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