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    Hello, new here :wave:

    I found this forum a long time ago, but it seemed like you guys were having problems with the board and it was down for a while.

    Glad it's back up!

    Right now I'm growing out my hair. I used to dye it red a couple times a year a couple years ago, but ended up getting it damaged and my stylist had to just apply a dark brown over the red and let it grow out.
    I used to have hair down past my bottom when I was little but my mom cut it all off because she was tired of fighting me to brush it Since then I have had various medium to short lengths, layers, etc. I've never had the patience to grow it out like I really want. Fortunately my husband really likes long hair, so it's given me the extra push I need to let it grow long again.

    Currently I really don't do much with it; it seems to be happiest this way, especially being oily. I used to overwash, but now it's every other day (can't go much longer). I also take Biotin daily. Attached is a recent length pic for reference.

    Hope to talk to many of you on the forums!

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    Welcome back to LHC!

    I hope you enjoy your time here and find lots of useful information and support.

    It looks like you are off to a good start with your hair, though I know photos can lie!


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    Welcome, DesertRoseAZ!
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