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Thread: Your Worst Hair Decision

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    A perm when I was a teenager (I sat as a model for a acquaintance's final when he became a hairdresser) which I didn't know how to take care of so it looked like a mess and every time I've coloured my hair and then wanted to get back to my natural hair colour and ended up with damaged hair that still wasn't quite the right colour.

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    Bleaching dark brown hair to platinum blonde in one go, and then frying it over and over again with box dye. The worst thing I did to my hair but I'm also glad that now I know for a fact I'll never ever make that mistake again.

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    Honestly, I'm pretty grateful to my past self for not doing anything drastic to my hair (at one point I wanted to bleach it but thankfully I never went through with that...)

    One regret I do kind of had was that I didn't want to grow out my hair from BCL so I kept trimming it up to there if it grew longer, it was only last month or so I decided I wanted to grow to at least classic. I probably would've been there by now if I stuck to growing, but it's not a big deal really.

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    Cutting my hair from tailbone length to pixie short (wasn't really a pixe cut but about the same length).
    It's now about APL but it will take ages to reach previous length, and I miss it so much.
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