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Thread: Catnip for split ends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maborosi View Post
    I cut some (read- a lot) of catnip leaves from our gigantic plants in my garden. I'm letting them sit for a few hours in hot- not boiling- water, but haven't seen any color change in the water.

    Should the leaves be dried? Or can I use fresh leaves and still get benefit?
    Yes you can use fresh catnip but you may want to cut up or mash the leaves to help the oils to be extracted from the leaves. Also, maybe your water wasn't hot enough Have you tried again since posting this?

    Quote Originally Posted by alexis917 View Post
    As a lazy co-washer who is silicone free- will catnip tea be cleansing enough for my hair for me to just use that? I love the idea of catnip preventing my split ends, but don't see the point of extra conditioning when I have to douse my head in conditioner anyway.

    I have no idea, every scalp is different and I've never tried to cleanse my hair via catnip tea. However, I have used the tea in conjunction with CO-washing and saw no ill-effects. I would pour the tea over my hair then add the conditioner and let it sit for 30 mins to 1 hour before shower time.
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