These threads are inspired by the long-missed old "style of the week" threads from the old board, which were a great way to seek inspiration for new styles, to learn for which hair-length a certain style works best, or to see which kind/size of toys are used for which updos. To keep these threads high quality we are setting up some rules to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

  • Every month the moderation team will start a new style of the month thread and tag it with "style of the month" and the name of the updo. That way they are easily searchable by using the tag search, and we donīt need to maintain a list. The new style of the next month is top secret, and we will not reveal what it is before its time. Bribery or torture are futile.
  • It's quality posts all the way, which means contributing with a picture, style tips for the updo, links to tutorials, or asking a question about how to do the updo.
  • Please, no picture quoting, to keep repetitions at bay and not wear out the scroll wheel.
  • If you do not wish to contribute something to the thread, but would like to compliment a certain person about her/his updo, please do so directly in their picture album or on their profile page. The same goes for questions/compliments about hairtoys that are used. These threads are about the styles.
  • Privacy will be controlled by the poster. If you use a picture hosted in your TLHC album, it will retain the permissions you have set for the album.
  • If you do not use a TLHC forum album, please resize your picture to less than 600x600 pixel / 97.7 KB, or just post a thumbnail or link to them. And be aware that those pictures are not protected by the 25+ posts LHCer access and can be seen by the whole Internet.
  • The contributed picture has to be a picture of your own hair. If you found a picture or tutorial made by someone else on another site, please just post a link.
  • No nude, half dressed or underwear pictures, please.

To keep the style threads uncluttered and high quality the moderation team reserves the right to delete anything we consider inappropriate.

But now to the fun:
Herewith we proudly proclaim the Cinnamon Bun to be the style of the month April 2010!