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Thread: Henna Thread, take two

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obsidian View Post
    Yep, I have quite a lot of silver and can't use henna anymore. It flat out turns orange, even multiple layers won't help
    hahhaha meanwhile, this is a feature and not a bug for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lapushka View Post
    tuanyiji, be careful with henna on a lot of gray. 1/ the contrast is major 2/ it is going to tint orange rather than red, very, an almost "clownish" orange 3/ it is very permanent even on gray. And with roots that are growing in just about *immediately* after applying, I... wouldn't. Maybe cassia (a yellowish blonde) would be better for gray, as the contrast is far less stark.

    First thing my mom did when going gray is switch from her red dye to blonde dye. It makes it so that she only needs to dye about 3 to 4 times a year, because the contrast is so little between the gray and the blonde. She has a mid-tone yellowish blonde on it. It's been 4 months now and only now you can see that it's "time" to actually tackle it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Obsidian View Post
    Yep, I have quite a lot of silver and can't use henna anymore. It flat out turns orange, even multiple layers won't help
    Thank you for your suggestions. I have talked about the pros and cons of henna to her in great details. We also watched Henna Sooq videos together.

    My mom has chin length hair, and the ends are quite damaged and fragile at the moment, the kind that break easily when you brush a little too much. We want to henna her hair as a transitional phrase for her to grow out naturally without any further perm or chemical dye job. Her current hair color is already burgundy/purple/orange-ish due to many terrible DIY dye jobs so in her words, it couldn’t get any worse lol.

    It’s been half a year since her last diy dye job and she has had quite some new growth and two haircuts to get rid of many burned ends. But every time she walked past the salon near our house, the hairdresser always told her to “get a perm or dye her hair to hide her grays because that’s what women of her age should do” and she gets fed up with that speech.

    I actually tried cassia on her already and it didn’t really affect her hair color, luckily she still has a lot of black hair.

    She also expressed her two ideas, 1) if she doesn’t like the orange tint, we can always add indigo; 2) if indigo also fails, it doesn’t matter, she would be growing out the gray hair gracefully and cut off the henna’d ends eventually as she wants to look like a match to my dad who has a full head of gray hair now.

    I will do strand test for her first of course.

    Also my next step is to convince her to grow long hair. There is a really small pool of women over 60 with long hair (past BSL) in where I live. In fact, I rarely see super long-haired women anywhere. Maybe they are all too good at hiding their long locks in buns. Though honestly, I rarely see middle-aged and elderly ladies with a big bun, they either have a short pony tail folding in as a temporary messy bun or just have a short haircut.

    My current length is at tbl, if I let it loose and walk out to pick up a mail, I would catch a lot of side eyes because my length is considered unusually long.

    I could count the number of females who had longer hair than I do with one hand, and all those girls were from my old school mates. And they had given up long hair at some stage of their adult life.
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    Default Re: Henna Thread, take two

    I was going to suggest adding indigo if you didn't want orange bits but it sounds like you've already looked into that option.

    Edit: I'm currently browsing LHC with henna on my roots so it feels appropriate to browse through this thread.
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