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    Please PM me about these items if you are interested.

    Due to some unforeseen legal fees, I need to raise some money, ASAP.

    (Anyone know a good place to sell shoes online?)

    Will sell all for all for $70 which includes shipping to US. I might wait a little while to see if I have a buyer for the entire group of items. I hope you understand.

    RasaOM fork - really beautiful fork, but I just always reach for my wood forks. It reminds me a bit of talavara pottery. $35

    DreamingDragonDesign small wavy fork
    - I have two sticks from DDD that I usually use instead. $10

    Melsville stick
    - very cute piece, I just have another stick from her that I always reach for instead. $14

    Colour Basaar head band
    - from Australia. I bought a brown one and always use that - I have never even opened the package of this one. $10

    Scunci No slip grip large oval clippies - Still in package, never worn $2

    Goody Ouchless barrettes - one black, on brown, never worn, just tried on - $2

    Light Mountain Natural hair color and conditioner - burgundy - I've had it for a couple of months, but decided not to use it. $5 (I don't remember what I paid for it)
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    I pm'd you
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