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Okay, since I heard that some of us need practice with how to multi quote thatīs what the test board is for. Please test away

It works like this:
Click the "+ button on the bottom right of the post, to the right of "Reply With Quote" if you plan to quote more people than just one person. The plus sign will turn into a check mark letting you know it was clicked.

Next you hit the "+ button under the post of the next person you would like to quote. The plus sign there will also turn into a check mark.

Repeat if you want to quote more people.
At the last person you want to quote click "Reply With Quote", this opens the reply box with all the quotes it it.
(Do not click "+ or "Reply" at the last person to quote, that does not seem to work.)

Too complicated? Okay.

Step by step guide:

Click the "+ button for this thread.
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Click the "+ button for this thread, too.
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But click the Reply With Quote button for this thread.

If you don't know when the last post you will want to quote is, you can substitute using the "+Reply to Thread" button at the bottom of the page for "Reply With Quote". It should still have all your quoted posts saved and ready to use.

ETA: Or see here for another method.
Testing, hopefully I read this right!