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Thread: more shedding with morocco method

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    Default more shedding with morocco method

    i'm new here, and this is my first post. i found this site from one of members on the morocco method forum.
    has anyone experienced more shedding when using the morocco method shampoos? i have long, curly hair, and have been experiencing some thinning all over in the last year. i get my hair colored every month to cover the gray, and i thought that might be contributing to the hair loss, even though 2 dermatologists said that probably wasn't causing it. still, i switched from my permanent hair dye with ammonia to an ammonia-free dye with no coal tar dye, and still a bit of ppds. i loved the new hair dye, and my scalp didn't itch at all during or afterward. then i started using the morocco method, which was recommended to me by the stylist for hair loss. but since using mm, my hair has been shedding much more in the shower, and just doesn't look good at all. i'm wondering if you only see good results when you've eliminated all chemicals from your hair. i also abandoned my beloved ouidad balancing rinse for the mm and other organic hair gels, with not so great results. i'm inclined to stop the mm and just use the sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. any advice from anyone using these products? also, any advice on a great, organic leave-in styling product for taming the frizz?

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    In my experience mm "shampoos" and "conditioners" don't work at all, they just leave hair greasy.
    The only good mm product I've found is Blood of the Dragon styling gel.

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    This may be a long shot, but have you ever had your thyroid checked?

    I've never used the Morrocco Method shampoos, or conditioners, but I do make it a point to use only sulfate-free shampoos, and silicone-free shampoos and conditioners.

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    thanks for the responses... yes, i've had all the blood tests, including thyroid and all came out normal. i'm 47 years old, and i'm wondering if the hair thinning is part of peri-menopause. either way, i'm stopping the morocco method for now--but i am continuing to use other sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. i did go back to the ouidad climate control gel, because it makes my curls more beautiful than any other product. and in the summer humidity, i've got to go with what works for my hair. maybe i'll try the morocco method again in the winter, when i don't need to put too much product in my hair. i did try the blood of the dragon styling gel, and while it makes my hair feel soft, it makes the curls look stringy and spindly, and doesn't control the frizz enough. the ouidad climate control gel makes the curls look soft and bouncy.

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    I realize this is 3 years old but in case anyone else ever stumples upon it I just wanted to say that I too had a lot of shedding in the beginning. I decided that must be part of the detox process. It lasted almost a month for me, but now I have little to no shedding and my hair has never been healthier...but the detox phase is horrific with greasy and dry hair all at the same time. But it is totally worth it in the long run!

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    I can only help out with this one (hope it is still relevant!): "any advice on a great, organic leave-in styling product for taming the frizz?" There are a couple of natural products I use, that anyone could try out. Aubrey Organics has a nice chemical free hair line, more specifically Primrose Tangle-Go Hair Conditioner and Detangler and B-5 Design Gel help out with the frizz.

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