View Poll Results: What hair styles do you hate?

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  • Pigtails (Low, High, or Braided)

    76 9.60%
  • Dreadlocks (Dirty)

    440 55.56%
  • Dreadlocks (Clean)

    134 16.92%
  • Brightly Colored Hair or Patterns (Leopard spots, stars, etc)

    182 22.98%
  • Bobs/Pixie Cuts

    87 10.98%
  • Over Volumed Hair (Think "Bump-Its")

    308 38.89%
  • Teased or Crimped Hair

    322 40.66%
  • Mohawks

    156 19.70%
  • Shaved or Fades

    163 20.58%
  • Other (Please specify)

    128 16.16%
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Thread: What hair styles can you not stand?

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    Default Re: What hair styles can you not stand?

    I voted 'other' because I really don't care what other people do with their hair. Although, if I had to vote for one, I'd have voted for 'dirty dreadlocks', although it's not the dreadlocks, per se, it's the 'dirty' part. I dislike dirty anything, with the possible exception of grubby little kids right before you pop them into the bath, because they're just cute.

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    Default Re: What hair styles can you not stand?

    Other people's hairstyle choices don't bother me at all, but I voted dirty dreadlocks because the "dirty" part sometimes involves smell.
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    Default Re: What hair styles can you not stand?

    Quote Originally Posted by GothicCanadian View Post
    Top buns, the ones right on top of people's heads. Those people often wear sweats and slippers as well. Great for putting on a hair/face mask, but have some self respect and do something different when leaving the house.
    I guess it's an easy style, I just *really* dislike it.
    I just think they look silly. I did it once (for a workout; I think I only had a few pins and so that was the only bun that would stay since it was on top instead of fighting gravity on the back). Every time I looked in the mirror, I cracked up; it looked like I had a large pastry perched on my head. It looked so ridiculous. Yet this hairstyle is supposed to be "sexy"? I suppose if the person wearing it is really attractive, but in that case anything they do would be considered "attractive" or "sexy," so that doesn't really count (I've seen the most ridiculous fashion and such described as attractive solely because the person wearing it is attractive, and I've noticed that for many/most men, an attractive woman can do no wrong). I suppose it works for some people, but there are so many nice buns out there that I'm not sure why this one has taken off as so popular.

    (And, I don't consider it easy-- part of the reason I've never worn it, besides the fact that I look ridiculous, is that IMO it's *nowhere* near easy to get all the hair pulled straight up to the top of the head, completely *opposite* of the way it usually lies, and also do so smoothly so there aren't weird bumps and lumps and oddnesses of part and such.)
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    Default Re: What hair styles can you not stand?

    I didn't know people disliked one of my favorite updo styles, the topknot. That kinda makes me sad about wearing it, thinking people will look at me and think I didn't care to fix my hair. My hair is flat and rather thin now, and when I put it in a braid it is about the size of one of those little dangle "friendship" braids that people wear on one side, mixed in with the rest of their hair. When I wear a bun in the back it looks like I have no hair, there is no way to create waves or poufs or anything in front, hair is too thin.

    There is a style I see sometimes that I don't care for: a "just got out of bed and didn't really brush my hair" because the back of it looks so messy. I often wonder if they brushed their teeth.
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    Default Re: What hair styles can you not stand?

    I personally really dislike those extremely tight and stuck-to-the-scalp greased/wet pony tail styles, where their hair parting line's being yanked. It just looks bizarre to me, and I feel for their scalp.

    I almost always see it on celebs at least, rather than regular folks. It's probably all due to how much I've looked into hair care whereas I never did before? When I see this style now, all I think of traction alopecia.
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