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Thread: The Flexi-8 / Lilla Rose Thread

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    Default Re: The Flexi-8 / Lilla Rose Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by leafygreens18 View Post
    Oooh, Finda, the north star flexi is gorgeous in your hair!
    Thanks I really wish they had these as u pins. I also wish I had dark hair when I wear it. It would look like the night sky lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandrina View Post
    Love the matrix, finda! It could be a brochure insert for the company haha
    Haha, thank you

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    Default Re: The Flexi-8 / Lilla Rose Thread

    Yay look what arrived! My stylist found these for me

    Reilly in L and the braided flexi's also in L

    I also had some good news regarding the changing EU rules for buying things outside the EU.
    You have to pay 21% tax (I don't mind that, I pay that for purchases here too) and the importcosts for packages bewlow 150€ will be 4€ (instead of 13 to 17,50) YAY!!!!
    If you pay the tax in the online store within the purchase price, NO importcosts at all!

    So this is not so bad as they first made it out to be, I can do flexi purchases when there is one I really really like.
    I asked LillaRose about the new OSS system, where you pay the tax in the shopprice, but they said they don't know yet.
    Probably not.


    I already read on the Etsy helppages that Etsy is going to imply this OSS system on their site, so you pay the tax within the price. (and thus no importcosts at the border)

    More good news, if someone sends you a gift below the value of 45€, NO tax or importcosts at all!

    This is for The Netherlands, I don't know what it will be like in other EU countires.

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