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Thread: The Salt & Pepper Thread!

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    Default Re: The Salt & Pepper Thread!

    Thank you both for your kind words It's kind of a funny mix of browns, black, and silvers with a heavy dose of red/coppery highlights. Lighting makes a big difference.
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    Default Re: The Salt & Pepper Thread!

    I'm growing out my gray hair now. My ends are brassy. It was much worse until I used Olio's permanent gray hair colour a few weeks ago. The brassy ends still show through, but the line is gone. I only coloured the brassiness and blended the gray colour into my grow out roots with streaks and that seems to have minimized the line. The ends are still rusty, not as much as before, but it's still there. I'm giving it a month to settle down, then I'll do it again with a lighter silver hair colour and see if I can't get rid of yet more rusty colour. I looked at videos of hairdressers regraying previously coloured hair. All of them bleached the ends first and used a toner. I am not going to bleach my hair as it's damaged from years of colouring as it is and I don't want to need to recolour it as it washes out. I'm comfortable with permanent colour.

    I'm using L'Oréal's purple hair conditioner that says it helps get rid of the brassiness, but I haven't seen any difference yet. I'm thinking of using Got2B's light silver next, if I can get it in town. I live in a very remote small town. I usually order a lot from Amazon but that one won't get here until April and I want it done next week. I could get a darker softer gray from Got2B in a week, but I want the light silver one. It won't be light silver on my hair, which is a bit darker than I'd like and brassy. I'll be happy
    if it just gets rid of the brassiness and gives me silver streaks. Anyway, I'm going to use one of them in another week or so and see how it goes.

    I grew it out all the way about 5 years ago and had salt and pepper shoulder length hair, completely grown out, then I coloured it again and cut it. I'm kicking myself now, of course. It's just past shoulder length now. I will cut off the brassy ends if I can't get rid of it, eventually, as soon as all the layers are long enough to go into a bun.

    Obviously my signature picture is out of date. That was from a time years ago when it was long and hennaed.

    Any tips re getting rid of the brassiness? Anything else I should be doing that would help?
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    Default Re: The Salt & Pepper Thread!

    [IMG]braided greys by Mani_X_Dani, on Flickr[/IMG]

    The "I have really cool braids" era begins, I know it won't last too long so I gotta enjoy it while it lasts... Grow out started in November on the 13th "officially" but I was really due for a root touch up BY then...

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