Okay I was just wondering if others are excited like me and also kind of NEW to longer hair! At 29 inches I do not have long hair by LHC standards really but I do have longer hair than ever before in my life by a few inches! Some new things for me are:

Having it get in my way when I sit or sleep (that is get caught under me or behind my seat between the seat and back, having to move it out of the way etc.)

Learning what to do with it in general such as updos, braids, etc.

Feeling it brush against my arms and farther down my back, seeing it in the mirror longer than I have ever seen it, catching it between/under my arms and just all kinds of new things!

I really really love it! I see some longhairs just seemingly not concerned about their hair at all just like it's an old friend but I don't feel that way and wondered if it is like that for others here. Every bit of extra length is like a new and exciting (and a tad bit scary to tell you the truth) fun and different challenge!