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    Hi everyone,

    This is a small celebration + a small (rant?) post.
    I pretty much side shaved, grew out, cut both sides, grew out, cut both again and now at BSL.

    Before my hair got to BSL, I went from shoulder/armpit to collar bone as my last major trim. I am really happy to have my hair even at BSL, I love my hair's quality. However, according to a calculator, it is going to take 20 months to get to my current goal of 30 in long tresses. I'm not always a patient person, and sometimes I miss having a side shave and will have the impulse thought to shave my head. I really like my head shape. There isn't much to me that I am really proud/confident in. So, having a great head shape was something small I used to feel confident. I want to keep my long hair, but the struggle to wait is real.

    To me, I hate the BSL, I either want it shorter than BSL or longer. BSL is the weird half way point for me. Idk. Anyone else relate?

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    I am the same way about hair length. When my hair is shorter I love having it cut right to the collarbone, it just feels so cute! I'm now attempting to grow it out to my waist again, but I'm only at BSL now. It feels like such an awkward in between! I find that the awkwardness can be somewhat mitigated by styling or accessorizing my hair instead of just straightening it and calling it a day. Normally I do a middle part and pin a section from the front/top of my head back on each side with two barrettes. I feel like that at least keeps me from going crazy waiting for my hair to grow out.

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    Hi Gothie, I peeped in on your profile and Iím so sorry your hair is in such a different place than it used to be! One good thing about your current density is that at bsl you have many more options than those with equally long hair and iii density.

    I also struggled with the apl-bsl stretch. I didnít feel as cute as I did with shorter or longer hair! This is really common, I suspect - we have comfort zones for length as much as anything else. How are you wearing your hair most days? This is prime put-it-up-&-ignore-it time.

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