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Thread: The hair dream/nightmare thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corvana View Post
    The other night I dreamed that my hair was back to like tailbone, and I was super confused about it. I kept thinking "it was past classic! I swear! It was!"
    I had almost this exact dream scenario AGAIN, but this time I was at classic just barely and was pulling my hair straight to measure it and it ended a couple inches before I expected it to. I hate this dream, and especially hate that I've had it twice now!

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    The other night I dreamed about cutting my hair back to bra strap length. It was nice and the ends were thick, but my first thought was "omg why, I was so close to my dream length, growing it all back will take years "
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    I suddenly remembered today that last night I had a dream that my hair was about shoulder length and kind of wavy and voluminous (in a good way). Oddly enough, the short length didn't bug me (usually I tend to have dreams that I cut my hair short and am immediately like, "OMG why did I do that???" Not sure why my hair was short in the dream). However, in the dream apparently all my henna was gone, and my natural color had gone super-ashy and looked gray, and I was really bummed out... until I ran my hands through my hair another way and then it was blue! (Hard to explain, it's as if a different side of my hair turned over that was blue? I don't know, it was a dream; it doesn't have to make sense, lol.) I was quite chuffed with the blue... IIRC, at one point it was various shades of blue swirled together. (And, again, cool waves with a lot of volume.) Quite fun.
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    I dreamed last night that I cut my hair without really measuring. Just all of a sudden here I was laying in bed trimming fresh, thick ends with scissors that went through like a hot knife through butter. When I finished and sat up I realised I didn't know how much I'd taken up especially when neatening the ends, and had a horrible thought that maybe it was shorter than classic. It wasn't, and I had a good six inches or more left after running my fingers down the ends to try to gauge the length so I was happy that it wasn't shorter than knee (?!?!?!)

    It occurs to me now after waking that that would put it at around mid-thigh which is far shorter than I would ever want to cut in the near future at least, but hey, dreams don't make sense I'm glad I finished the dream having been reassured after a momentary panic anyway
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