Iíve never sold anything on here before but before I list it on eBay I figured Iíd give it a go.
Iíd like to preface that itís a pricey item so Iím putting out feelers here before I post pics & whatnot.

Itís the sale of a HairMax purchased by my mother just over a year ago for $1200 & was only briefly & gently used before she was diagnosed with a bad case of alopecia. The HairMax stimulates hair growth but unfortunately not for things like alopecia.

Everything will be included with the purchase including the box it came in. Itís a gentle laser cap system that you wear for a few minutes a day a few times a week to stimulate & restore hair growth. My mother is asking half of what she paid $600 shipping in the states will be included in the price. We can ship overseas but have to charge shipping cost. Iíll post pics within the next day or two.

Since the price is so high sheís willing to work with perhaps breaking up the payments into 2 or 3 payments before shipping.