Hi! I'm Teresa and I'm ready to get my hair back. I had it to about 23 inches when I got a bad dye job. I just thought my hair would look better a couple shades lighter and I got the stylist on his first day of work I tried to have it corrected but it failed and instead of further damaging my hair and spending even more money, I chopped it off to my chin. Not too long after that, I started a whole food plant-based diet and about 3 months in, my hair started to shed. This went on for 3 months and my hair was gone by half at this point. After further health complications from my all plant diet, I abandoned it and went carnivore. I started to heal quickly and within a couple months, started sprouting baby hairs everywhere It has also started to grow again after about 5 months of being stunted. I stopped using all products, I don't use shampoo and try to find the cleanest conditioner, I only wash once a week, and I don't heat style (haven't for decades). I look forward to learning from you all and hope to have my hair restored.