1. What was your starting point, and how long ago was it?
A crew cut that I maintained pretty much my whole adult life. In the late 90s and early 2000s, I used to rock a mop top shaggy cut, but it was always pretty short. My last haircut was in January/February 2020. The pandemic was kind of a good excuse to get through the awkward stages

2. What made you decide to grow your hair?
I've always wanted to try growing it out. There were a few times in college where I tried, but never went more than a few months before getting it all chopped back. I think the longest I ever let it grow was having my bangs touch my nose.

3. Do you enjoy the process of growing your hair out?
Sort of? I just let it do its thing and forget about it until the end of month when it's time to check progress.

4. If you had to make a wild guess, where do you think you'll find your hair's "sweet spot"? Have you had that length in the past?
I haven't found that spot yet. All of this is uncharted waters for me

5. Are you more interested in gaining length, or gaining thickness? Or are you just "meh" about your hair?
Right now, I'm focused on length. I don't know if/when I'll decide to focus on maintaining length and getting rid of my taper. I figured if I hit a terminal length, that's where I'll maintain to try and even out my hemline a bit

6. Do you trim your hair?
No. But it's also been four years since I let anyone else trim it either. I've debated on whether or not I'll start going somewhere when it's time to start maintaining

7. Has your routine changed since you've been on LHC?
I'm still in the experimental phase of figuring my routine out. Adding in some occasional S&D has been the biggest change to what I do since I joined the community

8. Do you consider your hair to be a big part of who you are?
Yes and no. Yes in that ever since making the decision to grow it out, I've felt more like myself than ever before. But no because while it would suck if I ever had to cut it back/off, I wouldn't be horribly upset by that

9. Does taking care of your hair make you happy, or is it more of a chore?
Definitely happy. I don't find it very chore-like in the slightest. Granted, I've pared my routine down into K.I.S.S territory, so that likely keeps it from feeling like a chore

10. Do you think you are more likely to eventually land on one length, or try several different ones and change it up?
Seeing as how everything longer than a shag cut has been new to me, I've essentially been in a constant state of changing it up for the past four years. It's honestly been exciting to find out what updos I can do as it gets longer. I think the thrill is in learning new things