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    Friends, once you are known as "the headscarf person" in your social circle, people can no longer think of any gift to get you except for headscarves. I am trying to get rid of some that I don't regularly wear. It seemed most appropriate to put these on the swap board, but to be clear, I'm not interested in selling them, simply giving them away. Just let me know which ones you might want, and I will get them to you first-come-first-served! If you care to cover the shipping cost, I'd be grateful, but I'm willing to absorb that myself if not. I just want these extra scarves out of my tiny apartment ; D

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    (Link for zooming in!)

    1a-c: Spoken for by AmandaPanda : )

    2. Slightly larger square scarf in pitch-black. It's a slightly scratchy, very synthetic knit fabric and has a worn spot on one side.

    3. This one and the next are scarves I wouldn't wear by themselves, but would add on to some other scarf-do. I think this one may actually have been meant to be a belt. It's a very long rectangle cut on the bias. It's super-slippery and has an iridescent tan-and-green tone to it. Very pretty!

    4. Very thin rectangle in a light tan color. This is made of some kind of slightly stretchy fabric that I wouldn't dare try to identify and has "cutwork"-style decorations.

    5. Spoken for by SparrowWings : )

    6. Spoken for by Calaelen : )

    7. Spoken for by Vampyyri : )

    8. Spoken for by SparrowWings : )

    9. Spoken for by SparrowWings : )

    10. Spoken for by SparrowWings : )

    11. Spoken for by Calaelen : )

    12. Spoken for by SparrowWings : )

    13. I'm certain this one was meant to be a shawl rather than a headscarf. A friend gave it to me and it's soooo nice, but I just don't see how I would put it into daily wear. It's got a soft net base with velvet patterns on top and beaded fringes on both sides. Special-occasion kind of a scarf/shawl.

    14. Very lightweight cotton scarf with colors that slowly modulate from deep to light blue. Nice for summer.

    15. Shiny, cotton + metallic scarf. It's got a slightly golden/warmer tone, but can pass for silver in artificial light. Has knotted fringe on both of the short ends.

    16. Spoken for by Vampyyri : )

    17. Extra-long, off-white with brown polka dots. This is made of some kind of slippery synthetic fabric that is not quite opaque.

    18. Spoken for by Vampyyri : )

    19. Spoken for by Calaelen : )

    20. Spoken for by SparrowWings : )

    21. "Crisp" rayon scarf with an abstract leaf-like design in blue, green, and purple.

    22. Spoken for by Calaelen : )
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