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Thread: For swap: Large Maximas Silky Light Lavender and Sea blue, with logos

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    Default For swap: Large Maximas Silky Light Lavender and Sea blue, with logos

    These guys returned to me from my nieces who have not worn them in years. I would like to swap them for something that suits me better.
    I'm looking for old collection Jewels, preferably size L but M would work too, in aqua, turquoise, olivine, gold. Minor flaws are okay, as long as the hinge is sturdy.
    Also some of the crystal clips are super lovely, but I don't dare hope anyone wants to part with theirs. Though I would trade both Silky logos for one crystal / jewel clip and pay for a possible difference, in the right color, if you should happen to have one loitering all unloved and unworn in your stash

    The clips have some tarnishing on the inside and back, which I hear is easy to clean up, but haven't tried it myself. No chips or scratches that I can see! The sea blue has a teeeensy bit of roughness on the upper edge when I run my fingers on it. Both clips are as strong as they ever were, a testimony to the quality of Ficcares.

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