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Thread: Don't know what healthy hair looks like on me!

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    thank you everyone for the warm welcoming.

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    Am a bit late but welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babushka27 View Post
    Hello everyone...I'm excited to start my journey to long and healthy hair.

    My hair has been through a lot since I first got highlights in 2010. It's been pretty much every color and hasn't been much past my shoulders since 2015.

    A rough timeline...
    2010: blonde highlights. It was about rib length. I remember it being very poofy and frizzy all the time. I straightened it most of the time.
    2011: at some point I cut it to a chin length bob and it was my natural brown. Was still straightening it.
    near end of 2012 I think, I dyed it black for the first time.
    2013: at some point, I got it bleached and dyed purple. At this time it was about bust length. I didn't really use heat on it anymore so it was wavy but dead. Once it hit about rib length, I chopped it all off to a brown pixie cut.
    2014: I didn't do anything with my hair for a few months but this is when I first remember getting problems with dandruff and excessive oiliness. Then I dyed it red, then a dark brown over the red. Then I dyed most of it black except for 2 chunks that I bleached. Then I dyed those chunks blue. Then I think I just put brown or black over those pieces? By the end of the year it was just above the bust.
    2015: I dyed it grey and it was the longest it had been in a while. Shortly after that I cut it really short again. Then I dyed it orange. When that faded it was blonde for a little bit and then I dyed it like a cranberry color. It was super cute and could pass for a very short bob.
    2016: But at the start of this year I cut it very short again. Then it was blue black for a little bit. And then somehow it was brown again for a very short time. Then I dyed it a peachy pink and once again it was a very short bob. Dyed that black and by the end of the year it was at chin length.
    2017: This year I did use some heat on my hair sometimes. I bleached it from black to blonde and also had some temporary pink and purple in there. Yes...At that point it looked very very dead. Then I dyed it black this time I was getting my very first inklings of desire for super long healthy hair...then, due to identity issues I cut it very short again. I bleached it AGAIN and dyed it pink for a short while...only to dye it black again.
    2018: Now, I had black hair for pretty much all of 2018, grew it to the shoulders but ended up cutting it again.
    2019: For once I actually had the same haircut and color for a whole year. Black and very short on the sides and back, long on top and teased like cobwebs. This is when I was first really getting into goth music.
    2020: for most of 2020 it was just black until I bleached some of it and put green and purple. It was mostly the same haircut too until near the end of the year I decided to grow it.
    2021: by April it was a super cute green and black chin length bob. Then instead of green I did red and orange with the black.
    2022: by April 2022 it had only grown to the collarbone..and I don't particularly remember trimming it between that was black red and purple. Then I dyed the roots bright red, with the ends growing out the black dye. It looked awesome and I loved it. It was just past the collarbone until I cut it neck length in October. I had red until December when I dyed most of it black and left 2 red pieces. December 7 was the last time I washed with shampoo.
    2023: I dyed the remaining red pieces with black but it turned out to look purple in the light. That's ok with me. So this is where my healthy hair journey begins...layered, collarbone length, dyed black hair. I wear a headscarf most of the time that I leave the house (hence the username.) I hope I get this image link thing right.

    If anyone has read all this or cares at all about my crazy hair journey, thank you. If I can stick with this, it's going to be a huge and very long transformation for me.
    You are officially my twin in almost every way ( also Goth and ruin my hair almost every day) my hair was neon pink now it's blue black but mines much shorter and more damaged than yours I'm not giving up dye I'll just keep black a while
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