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Thread: Do I need a trim?

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    Default Do I need a trim?

    Hey y'all, starting this thread because I want some input on whether I should trim or not. And also maybe this could be a thread for those who have the same question to get some assistance in figuring it out.

    I haven't trimmed my hair since about this time last year. I finger detangle in the bathroom mirror, and over the past month I've been looking down and realizing there's little broken bits of hair in the sink after I've detangled. I feel like it's more than I'm used to.

    About a month ago I tried a BBB for the first time, and I felt that it was pretty damaging to my ends and stopped using it. I'm wondering if this breakage now is related to that, or if it's just the normal wear and tear and sun damage and mechanical damage that happens over time and I should just do a trim? My ends feel pretty straw-like in general these days.

    If anyone has any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

    Edited to add: When I look at my ends, I don't see any splits. Maybe one, occasionally, but I wouldn't say I have split ends.
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