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Thread: Project use-it-up for 2023!

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    Default Project use-it-up for 2023!

    Continuing lapushka's panning project, here's the 2023 thread that I took liberty to make since I enjoy these so much and have participated for a few years!

    Reminder: you list what you HAVE used up here, not what you plan to use up this year!

    I'm mostly going to copy her original explanation for this project, so please refer to last year's thread for the source:

    Quote Originally Posted by lapushka View Post
    We've all been doing these since 2018 now, so this will be the 6th year in a row!

    Who wants to join?

    What you need to do?
    List what you have used up; and each time you have used something new just repost your list and add the new product to the list.

    Also please list your conditioners and shampoos, gels, styling products, etc. grouped together, going from highest content to lowest content. It is so easy to see in effect what has been used up then!

    You can take a look at the very last year of this project to see how to list stuff:

    The following is an example!

    1x 500ml Pantene Aqua Light shampoo.
    1x 250ml Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine shampoo.

    3x 500ml Inecto coconut conditioner.
    1x 400ml Palmolive Basics conditioner.
    1x 400ml Pantene Pro-V full&thick conditioner.
    1x 250ml Odina conditioner.
    1x 200ml Sunsilk UV filter conditioner.

    Styling products
    1x 150ml Neutral gel

    Only list fully emptied out products, please, and if you have repurposed a shampoo or conditioner or any other item, please do not count it in this challenge. You can list it, sure, but do not count it. Only count things that have been used on your own head, please. Thank you!

    Commonly asked question... Say you have a half opened bottle, and you finish it January 1st. Then that counts as a used up product for 2021. What you finish in 2021 counts! Whenever it has been started, doesn't matter.

    Is this run for the whole year / calendar year?
    I would say yes, but some have wanted to join mid year, or even after a couple months. I think I'm going to solve it like this. Just put the date on your list at the top! From say, March 3 to "current date" and then when you repost your list every time you finish something, adapt that very last date to the recent date.

    You can include other products (body, face, etc.), but the focal point of course is hair stuff!
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