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    Shipping internationally. Please contact me for shipping costs but for reference, the shipping rates (in Singapore dollars) are here In general, to US and Canada, the rate is $8.80 with tracking for packages under 250g and so far the packages I have set aside with multiple items are under 250g.

    I apologise but I cannot remember the sizes of these Ficcares and have placed a measuring tape at the top for rough reference.

    Top to bottom:
    - Dolphin ivory $50 weight 40 grams
    - Lotus $40 weight 17 grams
    - Primavera $40 16 grams
    - (I think this is Enamel in sea blue) $30 35 grams
    - Maximas Ice $40 32 grams
    - Matte finish $20 22 grams
    - Gold border ivory $15 (please note a bit of roughness around the edges of the top.) 17 grams
    - Ficcarissimo silver matte $20 20 grams
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