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    Shipping internationally. Please contact me for shipping costs but for reference, the shipping rates (in Singapore dollars) are here In general, to US and Canada, the rate is $8.80 with tracking for packages under 250g and so far the packages I have set aside with multiple items are under 250g.

    Weights of the items are listed next to their prices.

    Left Column (from top to bottom):
    - mini flexi8 calla lily centre with pearl beads $3, 9 grams
    - small silver with clear crystal $6, 17 grams
    - small tree of life centre with pearl beads $6, 15 grams
    - large gold with iridescent clear beads $8, 29 grams
    - large gold with rose centre $8, 23 grams
    - large silver with Celtic knot centre $8, 24 grams
    - large bronze with rose centre and emerald beads $8, 28 grams
    - extra large silver with Celtic cross centre $10, 37 grams

    Right Column:
    - All XXL (ie mega) going for $12, between 44-49 grams
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