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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleQuill View Post
    I actually tried it a couple of times (for the lolz), and not on super dirty hair, and my hair loved it. It was the shiniest it'd been in a long while, was swishy, and incredibly silky. The downside was that, despite using damn near freezing water, I was still picking chunks of egg whites out of my length for days afterward. The second time I tried it, those egg whites made me look like I had dandruff (to the point that my husband mentioned it), and I was like. "Well, if you're noticing it, it must be pretty bad." Haven't done it again since. I don't really get why it happened, either. I used completely cold water and rinsed for a good ten minutes, too. I might give it another go at some point if we ever have any unused eggs. There must be a trick to it. I mean, if the ladies with their amazingly long hair (which was NOT necessarily the norm) did it in nothing but a jug and a bowl without the mention of egg chunks, I'm sure I, a modern woman with access to an endless supply of running water, can, too.
    I actually think that the best way to do it is to use only the yolk and not include the egg white, according to some sources. That way it is easier to rinse out. Personally I avoid egg washes because my hair doesn't really do well with protein.

    Edit: actually now when I think about it, it was YEARS ago since I tried the egg wash. I am intrigued to try again to see how my hair reacts. It would be really cool if it worked, because we are getting our own hens this summer, so there would be no lack of eggs.
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