To introduce myself;

I have 1b fine hair. Very fluffy but not much actual substance to it.

It has been bleached and dyed every colour under the sun by me! All semi permanent dyes. I haven't seen my natural hair colour in years... I don't even know what it is any more, as it seems to have gotten darker with age.

It isn't in terrible condition from the bleaching, but I will be trying to grow out the bleach nonetheless. I did have shoulder length very layered hair, but realised what a mistake that was, how thin it makes the ends. This week, I cut my hair to where my shortest layers were - chin length. At some point I'll get it evened as cutting your own hair short is not easy!

I've never had hair below APL. At one point my hair barely grew in 6 years due to an eating disorder.

Over a decade and much better mental health later, I am looking after it better and discovered it seems to be growing quite quick. Being an adult now and time flying by certainly helps, lol.

Looking forward to going on this journey with you all.