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Thread: Anyone else doing multiple hair treatments in same time?

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    Default Anyone else doing multiple hair treatments in same time?

    I don't wash my hair very often and that's why I feel I must do all the treatments in same shower time to get some results...

    Like for hairloss you should make onion-rosemary-treatments twice a week. Well that means every time for me. But that's what only my scalp needs. I have so many problems to take care of. Next my hair lengths need oil, honey, aloe vera... And finally a fenugreek-vinegar rinse. So I'm fighting against hairloss and dryness and tangles in same time. And of course I must dye my gray roots with henna once a month... That combined with other treatments, well it takes time at least. Exept that of course biggest part of this time is only effect time, while you can do something else (I'm trying to develop some turban system so that I can go to work with henna or treatment in hair XD )

    The problem is only that these different treatments abolish the effects of each other. After onion-rosemary-juice treatment there's nothing left from the results of my oil treatment... And it feels I should be an acrobat to get the onion treatments only to the scalp. Maybe I could spray it, if I could skip rinsing it. I don't know if I can.

    And finally I don't know if my fenugreek-ACV-rinse (that I don't rinse away) destroys the effects of my onion-rosemary-treatment.

    Anyone else has experience of this kind of multitasking?
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