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Thread: How many chops have you done since joining LHC?

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    Default How many chops have you done since joining LHC?

    I was just thinking of this today. How many 'big chops' have you done since you've joined LHC? Why did you chop?

    I have done 3:
    One from WL to chin in 2012
    (My hair was pretty damaged, and I was a bit mad at it lol. Also, I had failed to remove indigo from my hair.)

    One from knee to WL in 2018
    (I was really really sick, in and out of the hospital and needed it to be more manageable for a while)

    Then I did one from TBL to SL in 2021
    (I was in a car accident and TBH I don't 100% remember doing this one. Oops...Hide the scissors!)

    How about y'all?
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