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Sometimes I wonder if your idea of “detangled” hair is a bit different from “standard” ones, of course each person might be different, a person might even have different standards at different phrase of life.
For me, now, since I don’t use a comb or brush anymore, detangled hair means I weave my fingers through the dry strands slowly and gently from the ends and then work my way up to the roots, there will be a little friction, and a few sheds, that’s expected, but no big struggles and zero breakage or knots. My hair ends have turned semi-permanently wavy 1b because I bun or braid 90% of the time. So my detangled hair still looks messy and unkempt to most “untrained” eyes, but I don’t care about it anymore as long as I can throw it into a bun without strangling my fingers.
But in the past, back when I was a high pony tail girl who still used a comb, my idea of detangled hair meant combing through my 1a wet or dry hair from roots to ends forcefully, the comb should be gliding right through in one swift motion, and I would end up with very sleek, pin straight hair, even slightly curly ends would be unthinkable to me. But of course, back then I didn’t really pay attention to how terrible that was destroying my hair. I cringe just thinking about that.
Funny how your perspective changes along with your major hair care routine.
I detangle my hair starting at the ends and working my way up, but I comb all the way to the ends each time, so at the end when I start at the root I end up combing through the whole length. And after I detangle a couple sections, I put them together and try to comb them starting at the root, which is when I find out that my hair has already begun to retangle itself.