I never use heat to style my hair, mostly because I just don't have the patience or coordination for it, and also because I don't even like the feeling of a hair dryer blowing hot air against my scalp. I go to the hairdresser between twice a year and once every two years, also because I don't have the patience or coordination for it (hairdressers usually want me to stand so they can reach the ends of my hair more easily, and I have mild balance issues). When I do get my hair trimmed, I tell them to just cut off the split ends and things, and they usually end up taking off an inch or so. My hair still hasn't gotten any longer in several years, so I'm guessing it's a combination of genetics, the fact that my disabilities make it difficult for me to eat right and exercise, and the fact that I'm not sufficiently gentle when I detangle my hair. Being gentler on my hair when I detangle it is the easiest change to make, so I'm starting there. Or trying to, at least.