I'm 33 and from the UK. I figure I should write an introduction to my hair rather than me!

I haven't had my hair shorter than BSL since I was 17. It was nearly knee-length a couple of years ago but it's now TBL. I haven't taken any special care of it and mostly wore it down until last year, when I got a job that needed it to be a bit more out of the way. Until then, it was in prettty good condition because I never heat-styled or did anything that would cause damage.

I got into the habit of making a ponytail with several elastics down the length which I've only realized recently has given me quite a lot of breakage and some splits. I am depressed about it and to make matters worse I've received a couple of very negative comments too. I used to get nothing but compliments on my hair so now I feel pretty insecure and miserable.

I just want to be part of a hair-positive community while I decide what to do with it going forward. I really don't want a major cut, but I am steeling myself to see a hairdresser for the first time in years!

Looking forward to meeting you all, and figuring out how to post photos!